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If you have no necessity in bulk calculations of radiation characteristics of blackbodies but you'd like to obtain results for only several needful tasks immediately then, perhaps, there is no reason to purchase our special software. You can save your time and money by ordering calculations. Virial International will perform calculations for you; you'll recieve all results in text and MS Excel files, together with all graphical dependences and evaluation of calculation uncertainties.

All you need is to have handy the initial data:
Geometry of the blackbody (simple drawing with all dimensions is desirable)
Description for materials of blackbody cavity walls  (spectral reflectances and angular dependences for reflection). If your information about optical characteristics for cavity wall materials is incomplete or absent at all, we can help you to find missing data in literature or Virial's archive.
Themperature distribution(s) (if any; otherwise, at least expected temperature nonuniformity might be useful for the uncertainty evaluation);
Geometrical conditions of blackbody radiation registration (F-number of optical system and the the focal point position for your radiometer or radiation thermometer);
Relative spectral responsivity of the radiometer or radiation thermometer employed (if you need to compute the bandlimited effective emissivities and radiance temperature.
We'll perform calculations and, after payment, you'll receive all results via email. Contact us to discuss detail and receive free quotation.
Virial International offers customization of our existing software according to your specifications. It is almost impossible to put into the program every conceivable option but you can request some modifications before purchasing our software.

If you have specific requirements to some parameters range, data entering and saving, data format transformation, visual representation of initial data and/or calculation results, or other minor changes - we can do it for free. Please contact us, we'll discuss your requirements and include appropriate modifications into new release. The price of modified software remains the same!

Even if you need in more serious modifications (e.g., unusual cavity shape or viewing conditions for blackbody emissivity modeling software) this may cost less than you can imagine. Contact us to discuss details.
Virial International will develop new algorithms and software exclusively for you. We have extensive and constantly growing reserve of theoretical developments, algorithms, and codes that were not implemented into commercial-grade software (e.g., fitting complicated BRDF models to experimental data; Monte Carlo calculation of view factors for non-Lambertian surfaces; reflectance modeling for a scattering layer on an opaque substrate; diffration correction for radiometric measurements, polarization ray tracing, Monte Carlo modeling of effective emissivity for a periodically grooved surface of arbitrary profile, prizmatic, and wedge-shaped blackbodies, etc.) We can develop such a software for you quickly. Email us to discuss your requirements and conditions.
Blackbody radiation sources (all aspects of computer modeling of effective emissivities and radiance temperatures, steady-state and transient temperature fields, radiation transfer from a cavity to a detector, etc.)
Monte Carlo modeling of effective absorptivity and distribution of absorbed flux for cavity detectors of optical radiation
Calculation of non-equivalence between electrical and optical heating, steady-state and transient temperatures fields, uncertainty components and budget for absolute radiometers
Calculation of parameters and optimization of filter radiometers
BRDF modeling and fitting
Computer simulation of reflectometric and goniophotometric measurements
Ray tracing Monte Carlo modeling of integrating spheres for various purposes (flux measurement, diffuse attenuators, reflectometric devices, uniform sources, etc.)
Computer simulation of LED parameters measurement
Diffraction correction for radiometric measurements
Calculation of steady-state and transient temperature fields for radiometric and thermometric devices considering conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer
Computer modeling and evaluation and propagation of uncertainties for radiometric, thermometric, and photometric measurements according to the GUM and/or Supplement 1 to the GUM (Monte Carlo approach)
Optical scattering
Radiative heat transfer
Opticalal properties of materials
Measurement data processing and visualisation
Inverse and ill-posed problems; signals and image recovering
Local and global multidimensional optimization; fitting model's parameters to experimental data
Virial International will consider with gratitude all suggestions concerning new software development within the areas of our expertise. Please send us your suggestions and proposals - and very soon you will be able to purchase the desired software. If your suggestions will be accepted (that is the idea proposed will be interesting for radiometric community as a whole) we'll provide you 50% discount of regular price of the software as soon as its commercial version will be ready.
You can be sur that Virial will fulfill your project professionally, with great quality, at an affordable price, and timely. Look at Virial's Project Portfolio to have a general idea about works we performed since 2000. Contact us to discuss details of your task.
Virial International offers scientific and engineering consulting services in the areas of radiometry, photometry, radiation thermometry (pyrometry), optical instrumentation and radiation heat transfer. Our services include computer modeling, performance assessment, design optimization, and uncertainty analysis. We are experienced in optical radiation sources, detectors and radiometers from UV to far IR, radiation thermometers (pyrometers), various types of reflectometers, emissometers and scatterometers. System analysis, concept design, and computer modeling are unique skills that can be brought to bear by Virial International on your problem when necessary.
The founder and President of the company, Dr. Alexander Prokhorov, has been involved in optical radiometry measurements and analysis since early 1980ths. Dr. Prokhorov has worked closely with VNIIOFI (Russia), NIST, NASA, and SDL (USA), NPL and Durham University (UK), JAXA (Japan), PMOD/WRC (Switzerland) and other world-class organization. His outstanding experience helps Virial to satisfy customers needs. Please contact us:
If you need to decide which radiometric equipment is suitable for your project
If you'd like to find a way to amend metrological characteristics of your radiometric system
If you need assistance in your data processing and visualization
If you wish to evaluate the uncertainties of your measurements
Even if your problem looks too sophisticated to be resolved whatever, we probably know how to solve it.
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Virial International will perform for you R&D work or help you in research and development.

                                                                         Our area of expertise includes (but is not limited by):
We will collect for you pdf materials you need from in-depth learning the problem you are involved or acquaintance the current state of the science and technology in the area you are working, to writing article or Ph. D. thesis. Just specify the topic and we'll send you the list of materials we can provide along with the quotation. After payment, you'll receive the link for downloading zipped archive.

Along with the public-domain papers, our e-library contains many important materials which cannot be found in the Internet such as technical reports, unpublished conference presentations, etc. Contact us for detail.
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