RadiCal (RADIometric CALculator) is the program for calculating radiation characteristics of a gray thermal radiation source with uniform temperature, as well as radiation fluxes falling onto a detector from such a source. It is supposed that radiation heat transfer takes place in vacuum, i.e., without refraction, scattering, and absorption. RadiCal is the program allowing to simplify and automate everyday routine radiometric calculations. For details, see RadiCal Key Features list below, or download RadiCal Manual.

Download RadiCal Evaluation Version (1.1 MB)

Download RadiCal Manual (3.3 MB)

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RadiCal doesn't require special efforts for installation. Just download the Evaluation Version, unzip it, save RadiCal folder anywhere on the hard drive, and run RadiCal.exe. The Evaluation Version has several restrictions (see details in the appropriate Section of the Manual.) After purchasing the product license, you'll receive the activation key which will turn the purchased product into a full-functioned unrestricted version. The Software Licence Agreement is included into the Manual. Go to the Purchase page to see how to buy the License.

RadiCal Key Features
Calculation of the following radiation characteristics for gray thermal sources:
Spectral radiance and radiance temperatures as a function of spectral variable
Position and value of spectral radiance curve maximum
Radiant exitance, radiance, and radiation temperature
In-band radiance and in-band radiance temperature for a detector with the rectangular or Gaussian spectral responsivity shape
Irradiance distributions in the plane perpendicular to the axis of circular radiation source
Radiant flux emerged from the source
Radiant flux falling onto the circular detector lying in the parallel plane
Working working with three spectral scales:
Wavelength in m
Wavenumber in cm-1
   Frequency in THz
Working with three temperature scales:
Thermodynamic in K (Kelvins)
Celsius  in C
Fahrenheit in F
Possibility to take into account the background radiation
Tabular and graphical representation of calculation results
Fully editable graphs can be saved or exported as bitmap (*.bmp) or Windows metafile (*.wmf, *.emf)
Numerical results can be saved in text files, XLS-files (MS Excel spreadsheets), and as XML and HTML tables
The mode of automatic selection of spectral range for graphs plotting
Requirements to hardware and software:
Minimal screen resolution          1280 x 800
OS                                        MS Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8 (in compatibility mode)
RadiCal is intended for researcher working in optical radiometry, radiation thermometry, and similar areas; it can be used for educational purposes.