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Satori111 v. 1.1 is released.

Satori111 is the first program developed especially for calculation of parameters for the Sakuma-Hattori interpolation equation.

Satori111 can be used at radiometric temperature calibrations of radiation thermometers (pyrometers) and blackbody radiation sources by multiple-point method.

Calculation of Sakuma-Hattori parameters is performed using the Levenberg-Marquardt method then verified by the Particle Swarm Optimization.

Satori111 allows fitting the Sakuma-Hattori equation for up to 20 reference temperatures from 100 to 4000 K with the fitting error not exceeding 1 mK for narrow-band radiation thermometers and 100 mK for wide-band radiation thermometers.

After determination of the Sakuma-Hattori parameters, up to 1000 signals of the radiation thermometer can be converted into temperatures at once.
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